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Omo Expert

"Branco Absoluto" (Absolute White) by Omo, featuring a fresh and bold design that expresses "expert care" in white clothes washing and looks to stand out in the traditional laundry product category.


The Omo's "Branco Absoluto" packaging aimed to address evolving laundry needs, focusing on the brightness and color/fabric separation behavior. The artwork clearly convey the product's USP, using distinctive visuals and a straight claim to underscore its whitening efficacy and brand excellence.


Due to the visual we have developed, it was the first time that Omo was able to use only one claim on pack and a clean visual like this.

The "Branco Absoluto" (Absolute white) name directly conveys the whitening power, while the design's modern and bold approach, highlighted by prominent "OMO" lettering, creates a striking 'wall effect' on shelves when placed side by side, offering a powerful and visually appealing brand experience, thereby enhancing market visibility and appeal.


Unilever • Omo


Visual Concept Market Fit 


Packaging Design

Key Visual

Tela OMO EXPERT mockup isolado.png
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