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Maximum appreciation of the flavor and origin of the ingredients.

Visibility for the brand creating unity at the point of sale. These were the guidelines for the execution of a new concept for Kellogg's cookies and crackers, based on a market study on wholegrain snacks in Brazil and worldwide. For the look, a contemporary, fascinating and mouth-watering appetite hero boosted the product and ingredients with flavor and indulgence. A new seal and wording application of the “cereally delicious” verbal identity complements the concept across the board with the Kellogg’s Brand Specialist credential.




Innovation Redesign

Visual Concept Packaging

KELLOGS_faixa_cookie integral_v001 copy.png
KELLOGS_torrada_v001 copy.png
06 Kelloggs_Tela07.gif
02 Kelloggs_Tela05.gif
04 Kelloggs_Tela06.gif
KELLOGS_HEAD_v001B copy.png
KELLOGS_faixa_biscoito integral_v001 copy.png
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