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Fruki is the soft drink with a taste of "get together", which occupies that special space on the table and in the heart of the gauchos. It took a lot of subtlety and respect for its history in the redesign of this brand that has such an affective bond with its audience. We studied the movements of the category, the competitors and created possible ways to update Fruki's visual identity. We were responsible for redesigning packaging and logo, developing the brand architecture and creating the entire visual spirit of the brand. We tried to keep the original gestalt of Fruki, but with a more contemporary touch. The look was flatter, with less interference in the set. The illustrations became more iconographic, following a bold minimal style, bringing clarity and flavor distinction to the entire line. And the brand architecture was revised assuming a masterbrand identity, uniting the different flavors under the same visual concept.





Brand Architecture

Brand Spirit

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