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danoninho brazil

In yet another partnership between Bendito and Danoninho, we worked on the development of a graphic concept that aimed to rescue the color and playfulness of the brand, ensuring greater presence at the point of sale and connecting it with the big idea of communication developed globally of "I want to be giant ".

The red wall returned to the shelves and we expanded the presence of Dino, also making it giant in the packaging. We played with the proportions and created unusual scenes of interaction with the fruit, making the pack even more fun and charming.


Danone • Danoninho - Danoontje



Visual Concept


danoontje netherlands

In this partnership with Danoontje Netherlands, the objective of the project was to update the brand's packaging with a focus on differentiation, increasing the relevance and presence of the Dino character on the packaging. Unlike Danoninho in Brazil, Danoontje does not have a strong relationship with red as the brand's distinctive color. On the other hand, naturalness accompanied by fun were important attributes to be expressed in the product's look, which led to studies of other colors for the country, as the beige/kraft being the chosen color.

We also studied the possibilities of visual organization according to the brand's portfolio architecture and developed layouts of architecture studies that covered all product lines with visual consistency.

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