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Artools was a complete brand building project, from the conception of the project to the execution of the products display at the point of sale.

We started from a consumer survey that revealed that the best materials are reserved for the final art, not being used during the creative process, when, in fact, great ideas arise. Thus was born the brand and its essence: a smart choice for all types of artists: professionals, beginners and lovers. High quality and affordable products to encourage this initial stage of creation.

The Identity reflects this idea, of showing the creative process and not the final work.

White, a color not yet explored in the segment, works like a canvas about to come to life. The lines that make up the packaging were made with the products themselves by experienced artists in each technique, illustrating the creative process and expressing truth and quality. The idea of ​​the line is democratic and allows the projection of anyone with their creative moment. Complementing the concept, all materials bring thought-provoking and encouraging phrases that establish a dialogue with the creative and its process.




positioning naming 
visual identity packaging

verbal identity

05 Artools_Tela.png
03 Artools_Telapng.png
06 Artools_Tela.png
07 Artools_Tela.png
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